Biohealth: Supporting women entrepreneurs in the medical field

Assistance to enterprises / Articles / 25-05-2022

Basma Makni is a doctor from Sfax with a passion for plant-based medicine. After working in the medical marketing field for 13 years, she created Biohealth, a plant-based supplement provider, with a vision to harness the therapeutic properties of plants from around the world. Basma began the business with just three employees, producing a modest line of supplements based on plants and plant extracts. Quickly, her business caught fire, gaining a strong reputation in the food supplement world and attracting more and more clients. 


To meet this growing demand, Basma realized she needed to make significant changes to the company’s operation and production processes. Rather than to continue outsourcing production, she sought to establish her own production facility and manage the process internally. She also sought to make her prices more competitive and break into new export markets, which required international quality certifications.  


USAID Tunisia JOBS partnered with Biohealth to help the company reach these objectives.  JOBS’ technical assistance helped Biohealth implement a new quality management system and implement manufacturing best practices to improve product quality and meet the needs of international clients.  

With JOBS’ support, Biohealth increased its sales and created 70 new jobs, mostly for young women, despite the impact of COVID-19. 

Now, the company is planning to open a second manufacturing facility to develop new products.


Biohealth Basma Makni

“Women have to work very hard to prove to society that they can perform and accomplish things... We are pushing ourselves to succeed and to make the most of our endeavours.”
Basma Makni
CEO – Biohealth


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